A & A’s Commitment To You

Thank you for considering A & A Sales and Service for your next equipment purchase.

With so many different brands, deciding what and where to purchase can be stressful. We proudly offer Massey-Ferguson Tractors, known for their durability and high performance. We also provide Ariens/Gravely Mowing equipment, renowned for their precision, ensuring a beautiful cut every time. 

Our goal is to help you choose the best product for you at a fair and competitive price. 

At A & A Sales and Service, we don’t just focus on “Sales.”  Our ultimate goal is to provide exceptional service after the sale, ensuring your satisfaction long after your purchase.

That service commitment starts with our A & A Advantage Plan. 

You will receive a coupon booklet offering numerous discounts on servicing and parts along with five coupons for free pick-up and delivery (within a 40-mile radius) if your tractor or mower needs to come to us for service.  Our mower buyers get an additional bonus – one set of new blades per year for as long as you own the mower.

We’re in this together.

Don’t let price keep you from joining the A&A family. Let us know how we can structure pricing to help you achieve your financial goals and purchase the equipment you need.

Jason Alexander

General Manager

A&A Sales and Service