Tire Fill GC1700 Series Tractor


Model: Tire Fill

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Add Stability and Balance To Your Tractor

Filling tractor tires with water, also known as hydroflating, can have several benefits, such as improving stability, traction, and counterbalance.
  • Stability
    The added weight lowers the tractor’s center of gravity, which can be especially helpful on uneven terrain.
  • Traction
    The extra weight can help prevent slippage, especially in muddy or slippery conditions.
  • Counterbalance
    Water-filled tires can help offset the weight of front-end loaders, reducing the risk of the tractor tipping forward when lifting heavy loads.
  • Soil compaction
    The weight is distributed more evenly over the tire’s footprint, which can minimize the impact on the soil.

*Filling tires is not recommended for high-powered tractors or those traveling at higher road speeds.

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