Massey Ferguson TD 524T TR Hydro 4 Rotor Tedder


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VIN/Serial: WAMKCA00LRG010507

Model: TD 524T Tedder

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Massey Ferguson TD 524T TR Hydro 4 Rotor Tedder

  • Strength In Numbers: A 1:2 transmission ratio gives maximum performance at minimum PTO speeds.
  • Auto-Off—Cutout clutches protect U-joints and provide automatic power disconnection if the tedder is accidentally folded into the transport position while running in the field.
  • Headland Lift Position – All tedders are equipped with a headland lift position to allow you to quickly and easily navigate headland turns and obstacles.
  • Coiled & Ready—Our exclusive Super C coil tines have six full windings per tine to make them tough, elastic, and durable. Plus, they’re bottom-mounted for better deflection.
  • Well Framed – All TD Series tedders feature a rugged, square-tube frame with modular construction for long service life.
  • Faster Response – Close coupling between the rotor support wheels and the tines provides quick response to contours and optimal height adjustment.
  • Positively Driven – All MF TD Series tedders utilize hexagonal driveshafts with U-joint connections to transfer power through the machine. This design provides a smooth-running, long-lasting, rugged design that minimizes downtime and repair expense.
Model TD524 TR- Hydro
Working Width: ft (m) 17’ 1” (5,2)
Number of Rotors 4
Min. PTO HP 30
Hitch Drawbar
Transport Hydraulic vertical fold

Stock Number:MF010507
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